Junk Email Filter Level Change
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If you desire to change your junk email (aka spam) filter settings for your CSOnline email address then this is the place to start.

Your junk email filter is automatically set at a default level unless you change it.  If you are satisfied with your current level, there is no need to change it.  However, if you want to apply stricter filtering, or more lenient filtering, or maybe you want to turn it off, then you can do so starting here. 

Keep in mind that junk email filtering is not an exact science.  The effectiveness of any junk email filtering solution depends on where your email comes from, and the junk email filtering methods used.

For security purposes there are several steps to the process of changing your desired level of filtering.  The first step is for you to login below using the username and password you use when connecting to the Internet.  If you need assistance, see the "Tips" section below.

Enter your CSOnline username and password for initial verification purposes to begin:


Tips: Login using your main username and password from your CSOnline Internet account.  Username and password are case sensitive (make sure your caps lock key isn't on by accident).  Do not put "@csonline.net" at the end of your username.  If you are having problems logging in, or have forgotten your username or password, please call CSOnline tech support (see phone numbers below.)


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